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Ridin' in the Valley of the Sun
Gerdes is a Genuine Calfboy
This Gerdes Gabber article published on: Thursday, April 8, 2004
by Flint Willoughby

The Double G exited April Fool's Day and entered the great Southwest territory
of Arizona for five days of wide open spaces. Ridin'  two great trail horses, 
the chestnut "Nugget"  and "Raisin" an almost-black quarter horse (with white
slice of blaze across his forehead)  GG and his faithful feminine companion the
"Double J"  covered many a mile visiting free roamin' horses and steers, cows,
calves and a brahma bull or two.  By helping a cryin' skunk striped calf look for
his mama, Gerdes has unofficially granted himself the status of being a real-life

Gerdes was the guest of longtime rancher, George Williams, who has the distinction
of being the Okie rodeo cowpoke who taught Ramblin' Jack Elliott the song "Diamond
Joe" in Brussels, Belgium back in 1954.  Gerdes played guitar whilst Mr. Williams  or
"The GOOD George W"  as Double G likes to call him, sang  "Diamond Joe"  in a
candlelit post-supper serenade. GG followed with an adaptation of the same tune
entitled "Sailor Bob" that goes back to his personal Greenwich Village days of yore. 

Also scouted on the journey was a wonderful place to perform, "Cave Creek Coffee
Company"  which is where artists the like of Lucy Kaplansky (who recorded GG &
Mark Johnson's song  "Delivery Truck"),  Junior Brown,  Michelle Shocked and New
Zealand blues artist Annie McCue shall soon be appearing.   

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