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McGarrigles Win Canada's Governor General Award
This Gerdes Gabber article published on: Monday, November 15, 2004

Here in the USA we've been so pre-occuppied with the White House that a lot of world news has gotten buried in the fevor pitch of the election.  So much so that we almost missed the news from accross the border about our favorite Canadian duo, Kate and Anna McGarrigle. 

Each year Canada awards a prestigious "lifetime achievement award" to deserving arts luminaries that have made a significant contribution to the cultural life in Canada. And while Kate and Anna remain "forever young," this year, Kate and Anna join those who have enriched the culture of Canada - a "lifetime achievement award."  Now, this doesn't signal that the jig is up. No no. It's just another confirmation about much they've given us. They're still on a roll. Catch them when they go on tour and come to a town near you. 

Read more about the award and the MaGarrigles, here ...  and  here, and of course, at their own web site ... here .

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